Our mission

The mission of the Swedish Export Credit Corporation, SEK, is to secure access to financial solutions on a commercial basis for the Swedish export economy.

The world according to SEK

At SEK, we understand the complexity of international business transactions and know that solid financing can make all the difference in closing a deal. In us you have a partner who can provide expertise, a long-term commitment and favorable terms in more than 100 countries worldwide. We are at your service, quite simply, to strengthen your competitiveness in international business.

SEK's clients and services

SEK’s primary aim is to provide financing solutions to support Swedish industry. Our deep understanding of international capital markets combined with an innovative approach is a unique asset. We can offer both competitive direct lending and structured lending. Our expertise in these core areas is key to our ability to add commercial value. And with a range of related services, it is clear why SEK is a leading partner for private and public sector financing.

From time to time, all financial markets experience turbulence. But even when the banks are unwilling to provide loans, SEK can help. We control our own
financing through our broad international network, generally on a long-term basis. This makes us less susceptible to fluctuations in the market and enables us to maintain one of our most important objectives – offering competitive solutions – regardless of the economic climate.

We act as a committed partner over the long term, and we are usually able to offer highly competitive conditions. We benefit from an excellent international reputation owing to our solid financial record, low risk exposure, strong balance sheet and a stable owner in the Swedish government. These factors enable us to conduct funding on the world’s financial markets on excellent terms, which benefits our clients.

Knowledge, expertise and the power to take action on financing in a globalized world. That is our trademark – SEK, experts in international financing.