Working at SEK

SEK operates in a complex, global environment. Its specialist operations and extensive range of financial products place great demands on its staff. We know that SEK's success is built on the collected experience and expertise of our employees.

SEK aims to be an organization that constantly promotes learning. Skills development and knowledge transfer between co-workers form the basis of everything we do. Internal training is important,  as well as ongoing open dialogue between all staff. We all learn from one another.

Staff, it is you, in close collaboration with their manager, are responsible for their own training. SEK believes that performance is directly related to opportunities for personal development. Appraisal interviews are therefore a key part of our annual cycle. Our staff and their immediate superiors use these meetings to update personal objectives and put together personal development plans for each employee.


Nearly 70 percent of SEK’s staff are graduates and most of them do highly specialized work. SEK values not only specialization but also general familiarity
with the financial sector and how it links to the SEK business model. Staff with wellrounded skills are important for SEK’s future progress. SEK
therefore positively encourages internal staff mobility among its different operational areas.

Equality and diversity

SEK’s human resources policy is to offer men and women the same working conditions and development opportunities. By promoting equal rights and opportunities for everybody, we ensure that the company has access to a high level of expertise.


SEK aims to offer a working environment that promotes employees health. This includes preventive programs and workplaces designed to minimize occupational injuries.

By subsidizing active healthcare and providing a well-equipped gym on its premises, SEK also offers its staff the opportunity to keep fit. At SEK, rates of absence due to illness have fallen every year over the past five years.

Employee of the Year

Since 1998, SEK’s staff have nominated candidates for the SEK Employee of the Year award. The award goes to the person who has distinguished herself/himself as a good, inspirational colleague and who has also worked actively
and positively towards SEK achieving its established values and objectives.