Retail investors

Retail investors

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 we issued a number of bonds aimed at Swedish retail investors. The information below relates to these issues.

Browse the tabs below to view our portfolio bonds (“portföljobligationer”), SPAX equity-linked bonds and other key information for retail investors.

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A “SPAX” is a structured product with capital protection. Return on investment is linked to an underlying market, such as equities, bonds or foreign currency.

Find out more about SPAX at Swedbank’s website.

Final terms:

Final terms (matured)

If you are dissatisfied with the administration of a financial service or product, you should initially contact the bank or institution where you purchased the service or product.

If you require further assistance, you can also contact SEK Securities. Please submit your complaint in writing and specify the product in question using its ISIN code or other information. Please also attach copies of documentation supporting your complaint, such as a contract note or memorandum.

Send your complaint to the following address:

AB SEK Securities
Retail investor complaints
Box 194
101 23 Stockholm, Sweden

Further information about complaints is available at The Swedish Consumers’ Banking & Finance Bureau, which is an independent advisory service that provides consumers with impartial information and guidance on financial services.