Credit sales

Credit sales

Exporters with which we have a long-standing client relationship can access a special type of loan for their customers. Together with exporters, we finance the purchase of overseas customers' goods and services.

We have identified a gap in the market between the export credit system and bank loans in the country of the overseas buyer. We therefore offer long-standing Swedish exporter clients a tailored solution. Together we finance the purchase of the exporter’s goods and services. This financing takes the form of credit sales or cross-border leasing.

There are two main reasons why exporters choose to work with us:

  • They gain access to customer finance for their products.
  • It frees up internal credit limit capacity for existing customers so they can sell more.

These loans are often made under a framework agreement that we establish with the exporter. The goods that we finance serve as collateral. A high degree of standardization means decisions can be taken quickly, making dialogue with your customer easier.

How we’ve helped other companies

We have helped an exporter establish a significant market share in Brazil, where it has only recently started operating. Together, we have now started the same process in other countries.

Another exporter that we work with has its own customer finance operations. For this client we share the risk for some of its customers. This enables the company to free up its internal credit limit capacity and increase sales to the same customer.

Speak to your client relationship manager to find out more.