Project finance

Project finance

The Swedish Export Credit Corporation, SEK, also provides project finance. To qualify, a Swedish exporter must be involved as a subcontractor, supplier or sponsor in the project.

Project finance is an alternative to other types of financing structures in the export business and is of essential importance to the competitiveness of the Swedish exporting industry. SEK may participate in structures where the sole asset is the project or in structures combining commercial loans and coverage from ECAs.

SEK supports projects – where Swedish exporting companies are sub-suppliers, suppliers or sponsors – with senior loans, leasing, renting or participation in bond structures. SEK brings long term commitments with long tenors and aims to remain in the commitment throughout the term.

SEK’s access to capital is secure based on our AA+ rating, solid credit portfolio, government ownership and strong funding operations, which underpins the deliverability of SEK’s financial support and provides certainty to our client’s competitive dialogue.

Klas Lindgren, Director

Anna-Karin Ljung, Director