Receivables discounting

Receivables discounting

If you need help with receivables discounting, SEK can provide discounting or financing of receivables for your exports. If you already have a receivables discounting program with your bank, we can help you and your bank with risk capacity and financing.

Provide your customers with extended credit periods and sell more while avoiding a negative impact on your company’s liquidity and balance sheet. With our help you can free up credit capacity, enabling your bank to discount new export sales.

Collaboration with commercial banks

We mainly discount receivables together with commercial banks, giving them continual access to our liquidity and risk capacity. This provides reassurance and predictability for both you and your bank, which minimizes the risk of your bank being unable to provide discounting. This is particularly important during turbulent economic times, when banks’ access to liquidity and risk capacity is limited.

Some exporters’ sales are so concentrated on one particular buyer that they are unable to discount all receivables with a single bank. We can help both the exporter and the bank by sharing the bank’s credit risk in respect of the buyer.

A complement to your bank

In some cases we discount or finance exporters’ receivables without the involvement of a commercial bank. We may consider doing this for exporters that we have worked with over a number of years, thereby acting as a complement to an exporter’s ordinary banking group.


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