Lending to Swedish exporters

Lending to Swedish exporters

SEK offers loans direct to Swedish exporters and their subsidiaries across the globe.

SEK can help you in a number of different ways. Amounts and lending periods vary depending on needs, but our average loan tenor is around five years.

SEK gives you more

We cooperate closely with Swedish and international banks, EKN and insurance companies. By working together with these partner organizations, we are able to provide exporters with added value. 

Local currencies

SEK offers loans direct to Swedish exporters or their subsidiaries across the globe. This can then be used to facilitate continued growth or capital expenditure. In addition to Skr, EUR and USD, SEK offer loans in local currencies, such as MXN (Mexican pesos) and TRY (Turkish lira).

Lending that’s tailored to your business

Our term loans are either provided on a one-off basis or under a facility agreement that you can use as you deem necessary. Our experienced team of specialists will tailor a solution to your company’s needs.

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of our clients believe they would have less financial flexibility without SEK

Skr 20 billion

SEK provides around Skr 20 billion in working capital loans each year

Skr 5 billion

Each year, SEK lends Skr 5 billion in currencies such as Turkish lira, Korean won and Chinese renminbi