Economic analysis

Economic analysis

We live in a world that is constantly changing. We must therefore keep us updated on current issues. On this page we will present various reports or comments to the events in our world. Welcome!

Sweden is a small, open economy and is highly dependent on global demand. Just like our clients, SEK operates around the world.

The Swedish financial market also has strong links with the international capital markets. There is therefore significant interest in monitoring global and Swedish economic and financial developments in order to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by Sweden, our clients and SEK. These types of issues are also of great public interest.

Export credit trends survey
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  • Export credit trends survey
June 1, 2016

SEK’s Export Credit Trends Survey: Few companies worried over possible Brexit

The Export Credit Index (ECI) has continued to weaken slightly since the last survey in the autumn. ECI has fallen from 56 to 54*, chiefly because of slightly lower financing needs and slightly higher costs. Export orders have also been slightly down. And the companies surveyed do not expect the value of the Swedish krona to be favorable. The credit market climate is beneficial, however, and the corporate sector is well positioned. The financial position of companies has improved further and access to funding is healthy. There is good potential for the export industry in view of global demand. Companies are showing cautious optimism.

December 2, 2015

Cautious optimism tingled with uncertainty

The export credit index (ECI) still reflects a healthy financing environment and companies with sound balance sheets. However, this autumn has marked the start of a slightly tougher climate, with increased uncertainty globally and on the financial markets having a negative effect on companies. The ECI has fallen from 59 to 561. This remains a strong level, and export orders and companies’ hiring plans testify to continued healthy performance. But overall the business sector has become slightly more cautious. The financing situation is not quite as favorable as previously reported albeit continued expansionary measures from the Riksbank. And the krona is not viewed as favorable as previously.

June 8, 2015

Concerns have eased for export industry

The geopolitical concerns that characterized the export climate in the autumn appear to have eased, and conditions are now more encouraging. Export orders have once again improved, and both the Swedish krona and financing terms are favorable for Swedish exporters. The combined ECI export credit index has risen from 58 to 59, reflecting a healthy financing environment and companies with sound balance sheets. The Riksbank's negative interest rate is, however, called into question.