Eltel Networks: Displacing fossil generated power in Zambia
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Eltel Networks: Displacing fossil generated power in Zambia

The Zambian state-owned power company Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) signed an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract with Eltel Networks TE AB of Sweden,

Eltel Networks has more than 50 years experience of electrification projects in Africa, to execute the connection of the North-Western Province and the Lukulu District in the Western Province to the hydro power based national electricity grid.

The project includes a regional power grid which will enable future access to electricity in the rural areas, as well as a connection to the national grid to displace the existing diesel power generators,  which today is the only source of power generation in the area.

The initiative is part of the Zambian Government issued “Vision 2030” to increase access to electricity in rural areas.

Project data

Eligible project classification: Renewable Energy

CO2 impacts: Total project annual reduction of 36 000 tons CO2 compared to baseline.

Social impacts: Access to electricity, job creation, reduced load shedding, enhanced education and health facilities.

Applied standards: IFC Performance standards, OECD Common Approaches

Transaction data

SEK Lending: MUSD 133
Signed: 2014
Maturity: 2028
Buyer: Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO)
Exporter: Eltel Networks TE AB