Skanska: The Croydon and Lewisham Street Lighting project
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Skanska: The Croydon and Lewisham Street Lighting project

The project will replace the old street lights in two London boroughs during a five-year investment program, and then operate and maintain it for another 20 years.

The project involves the replacement or refurbishment of some 50000 streetlights. A computer-based control system will allow for lighting levels to be varied and lighting to be turned off.

It will deliver a more sustainable less carbon-polluting service. The energy consumption was calculated as being approximately 50 MWh per year equates to the reduction of some 30,000 tons in carbon emissions.

Project Data

Eligible project classification: Energy efficiency
CO2 Impacts: Annual reduction of 30000 tons CO2 compared to base case.
Applied Standards: IFC Performance standards, OECD Common Approaches

Transaction data

SEK Lending: GPB 18,5 million
Maturity: 2034
Buyer: Croydon and Lewisham Lighting Services Limited (C&L)
Exporter: Skanska