ABB: Renewable Energy in India
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ABB: Renewable Energy in India

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. is implementing the world’s first multi-terminal UHVDC (+800 kV) transmission link and contracted Swedish ABB to deliver the HVDC terminals.

The proposed project will reduce CO2 emissions by replacing thermal generation at the demand side by transmitting about 3100 MW of low carbon intensive hydro power generated in phases in the remote North-eastern region of the country.

It is estimated that about 257 million tons (8.55 m annually) of CO2 emission shall be reduced during the 30 year lifecycle. The lower transmission losses and improved energy efficiency associated with HVDC will further reduce the carbon dioxide emissions.

In spite of delay in commissioning of associated hydro projects, the transmission project is likely to be commissioned in the current year.

Project data

Eligible project classification: Renewable Energy

CO2 Impacts: Total reduction of CO2 by 8.55 million tons/year compared to base case.

Social impacts: Access to electricity, improvement in infrastructure and industrial growth, enhanced education and health facilities

Applied Standards: IFC Performance standards, OECD Common Approaches

Transaction data

SEK Lending: MUSD 570
Start: 2012
Maturity: 2028
Buyer: Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
Exporter: ABB