Bombardier: Sustainable Transport in Turkey
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Bombardier: Sustainable Transport in Turkey

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation builds a 17 km extension of the metro between the suburbs of Umraniye and Üsküdar on the Asian side of Istanbul. Bombardier’s Swedish subsidiary is the exporter.

The new line includes 16 new underground metro stations and will improve communications to new residential areas and reduce traffic congestion in existing areas.

The metro line will replace the car or bus trip for 270,000 commuters per day with a more environmentally sound train ride. This means that the project reduces global carbon emissions by about 55 000 tons per year.

Project data

Eligible project classification: Sustainable Transport

CO2 Impacts: Total project annual reduction of 55 000 tons CO2 compared to baseline.

Applied Standards: IFC Performance standards, OECD Common Approaches

Transaction data

SEK Lending: MCHF 10 and MEUR 61.5
Start: 2012
Maturity: 2026
Buyer: Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation
Exporter: Bombardier