ABB: Wind Power in Chile
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ABB: Wind Power in Chile

SEK has financed 56 wind turbines in Chile.

Inversiones LAP (Latin America Power SA) Limitada will construct and operate a 185 MW wind farm consisting of 56 wind turbines on the coast of the Atacama region, 500 km north of Santiago in Chile.

The project will be the largest wind power project in Chile and includes transmission lines, access roads, substations, control stations and other facilities. The energy system in Chile generates about 640 tons of carbon dioxide per GWh.

The project will reduce global carbon emissions by some 280,000 tons / year.


Eligible project classification: Energy generation
CO2 Impacts: Annual reduction of 294,567 tons CO2 compared to base case. Part financed by SEK corresponds to an annual reduction of 14,433 tons CO2.
Applied Standards: IFC Performance standards, OECD Common Approaches

Transaction Data

SEK Lending: USD 15 million
Start: 2015
Maturity: 2031
Buyer: San Juan SpA owned by Inversiones LAP (Latin America Power SA) Limitada
Exporter: ABB