SEK deltar på GTR Nordic 2017

Torsdagen den 16 november 2017, deltar SEK i Nordic Region Trade & Export Finance Conference 2017.

Eventet hålls på Radisson Blu Waterfront och lockar över 450 deltagare från mer än 20 länder.

Lena Bertilsson, Head of Structured Finance and Corporate Lending på SEK, kommer att delta i en eftermiddagspanel med experter på export. Ämnet är ”Structured trade & export finance: Optimising financial support, capitalising on emerging opportunities”. Och i dagens avslutande frågepanel deltar SEK:s vd, Catrin Fransson.

SEK deltar i följande programpunkter under dagen:

14:20 Structured trade & export finance: Optimising financial
support, capitalising on emerging opportunities

Moderator: Tore Bäckström, Senior Vice-President, Volvo Buses
Deltagare: Lena Bertilsson, Head of Structured Finance and Corporate Lending, SEK, Cathrin Karpinski, Head of International Markets, Export & Agency Finance, Commerzbank, Yoshi Ichikawa, Executive Director, Project & Export Finance, Standard Chartered Bank, Sébastien Blanche, Chief Financial Officer, Business Area Surgical Workflows, Global Head of Trade & Export Finance, Getinge Group

  • Rebounding economies and commodity prices: Which specific markets are deemed good and bad risks in the current climate?
  • Outlining the financing options: Are DFIs playing a greater role in emerging markets due to heightened risk perceptions? Is risk appetite clearly defined between banks, ECAs, funds and DFIs?
  • Preparing well to maximise your company’s export financing
    opportunities: Assessing adequate levels of information provision when seeking ECA support for overseas projects
  • Where can ECA processes be streamlined and optimised? Is there now a greater expectation for ECAs to invest in technology to better support exporters?
  • To what extent do local content guidelines reflect increasingly complex global value chains? What is the appropriate level of third country content for projects such as EPC contracts?
  • Is there a feeling that more cross-sector collaboration could be
    achieved to support Nordic companies, particularly subcontractors and SME suppliers? What role can be played by ECAs, banks and insurance brokers here?

16:50 Question time: Ask your ECA

Moderator: Lydia Capolicchio, Journalist & Broadcaster
Deltagare: Catrin Fransson, President & CEO, SEK, Anna-Karin Jatko, Director-General, EKN, Ulla Wangestad, Head of Strategic Department, GIEK, Pauli Heikkilä, Chief Executive Officer, Finnvera och Christian Ølgaard, Deputy-CEO, EKF

The concluding session will take impetus from the audience as they seek answers from leaders of Nordic export credit agencies. Delegates will be provided with two question cards upon registering, submitting one copy of their question and keeping the other should the moderator call on them to ask their question. Among the themes to be included:

  • Private sector vs ECA support: How should it work?
  • Can more be done to support the SME community? How relevant are the current offerings?
  • How will technology impact the ECA and export finance market in the near to midterm?
  • What’s keeping you awake at night?
  • Wish lists: Which one quality held by a fellow Nordic ECA would you like for your own organisation?

The cards will be collected throughout the day, allowing delegates and speakers alike to tackle key topics that have not already been addressed.

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