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Carl Mellander

Board member

Carl Mellander has been a Board member of SEK since 2024. He is also a member of SEK’s audit committee. He was born in 1964 and has a degree from Stockholm University.

Most recently Carl held the role as CFO and member of the group management for Ericsson. He has worked in international business for over 30 years and has lived and worked in the US, Latin America, Africa and Europe. Previous positions include Group Treasurer and a number of leading economic and financial roles within Ericsson including CFO for market units and Head of Export Financing, CFO for a telecom operator in Africa, CFO for a business unit within Saab and department director at BITS.

Carl is also a Board member of Grönskär-Gruppen AB, involved in the Rädda Barnens Finance and Partnership advisory board, advisory board member of the Stockholm School of Economics’ Accounting and Financial Management Center of Excellence, and formerly Ericsson’s representative on the board of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Sweden.