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For investors

SEK is financed in the international capital market by issuing bonds. Even in times of financial turbulence, we have the capacity to finance the Swedish export industry. Our investor presentation will keep you updated.

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Swedish krona/Foreign currency


Financial calendar

  1. 26 Mar 2024

    Annual general meeting in SEK

  2. 23 Apr 2024

    Interim report January–March 2024

  3. 16 Jul 2024

    Interim report January–June 2024

  4. 22 Oct 2024

    Interim report January–September 2024

Financial reports

  1. Pillar 3 tables Q1 2024

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  2. Investor presentation

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  3. Interim report Jan-March 2024

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Our goal is to be able to offer investors customized solutions, in several currencies and in different structures. Here you will find our latest investor presentation.

Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) borrows funds using several different instruments in various geographic markets and targets both institutional and private investors.

With SEK’s various borrowing programs, we can effectively reach those markets that, at any given time, offer the best possibilities for us to borrow funds.

By issuing green bonds in international capital markets, SEK finances green loans using money from investors who want to make a difference for society and the environment.

International business can entail risks and opportunities for the environment and the climate. It is primarily in SEK’s lending and borrowing transactions that significant climate-related risks and opportunities arise. To limit climate-related risks, SEK does not finance coal power.

SEK has diversified borrowing and high liquidity. Part of the liquidity portfolio forms a contingency for new lending in the event of more limited access to the capital markets.

Corporate governance

SEK has a highly developed corporate governance system in place to meet the Swedish state’s requirements for return on equity and an effective operation.

 Corporate governance