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SEK supports projects in which Swedish exporters act as subcontractors, suppliers or sponsors, with senior loans, leasing, renting or participating in bonds.

Swedish exporters can strengthen their competitiveness by offering their foreign customers financing in connection with the sale of their products or services. SEK offers export credits at both fixed and floating interest rates.

With factoring services, you can sell your invoices to us, receive payment directly and improve your key performance indicators when accounts receivable are exchanged for cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet.

SEK offers financing in the form of leasing and installment plans for export transactions that utilize capital goods as collateral.

Many companies in Sweden are actively working to realign their operations to reduce emissions from fossil fuels. SEK aims to be a positive force for these efforts and is therefore financing industry investments for the transition in Sweden.

Export transactions often entail foreign buyers demanding guarantees, such as for advance payment and performance bonds, before entering into an agreement.

Green loans can be offered to exporters and subsidiaries whose products or operations contribute to reduced environmental impact or more effective use of resources.

Swedish companies with subsidiaries abroad can borrow funds in local currencies with the purpose of reducing the company’s currency risk. SEK offers financing in more currencies than most of its fellow market participants.

Working capital for SME is a smart solution that simplifies your exports. You can borrow up to SEK 65 million, without posting any collateral. This comes with a favorable interest rate and with a lending period of up to two years.

The most common loan requirement is for working capital. This can also sometimes be called a company loan or direct loan. It solves many of our customers’ challenges.

Strengthen your competitiveness by offering your international buyers financing in connection with purchase of your product.