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Bank partnerships

Swedish banks can utilize SEK as a neutral and stable business partner. We can be your joint arranger, joint financer or share your risk.

SEK is a state-owned company that finances Swedish exporters, their subcontractors and foreign customers. We are also able to finance Swedish transition projects and infrastructure that is assessed as critical for the export industry. Our mission is to strengthen companies’ competitiveness by offering financing, both in Sweden and abroad.

By partnering with SEK, banks can offer competitive financing to their export industry customers, thereby enabling more export transactions. We have extensive experience of business in complex markets and are able to offer financing in a large number of currencies. We have a broad network and established partnerships with many international banks.

Advantages of partnering with SEK

  • Share the risk with existing customers to enable business growth
  • SEK makes no demands to share customers’ other business
  • SEK is able to offer a complement to your own offering, for example, in financing in local currency and end-customer finance

We are happy to collaborate in transactions that are aligned with our mission, that are commercially viable and that have an acceptable credit risk. Exporters or suppliers should also have annual sales of at least SEK 500 million.