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Bank partnerships

There are many benefits in working with us for banks. We can be your financing partner, joint arranger or share your risk with you. Working with us can enable you to offer your customers better conditions.

With SEK as a business partner, a bank can offer its exporting customers competitive financing solutions that allow for more export transactions.
SEK is a state-owned company and a stable and neutral partner. Our primary products are export credits, project financing, factoring services, contract guarantees and working capital financing.

We administer the state supported CIRR system in Sweden, which is to say a fixed, low interest rate in accordance with the OECD agreement, which offers Swedish goods and services to foreign purchasers. Applying for a CIRR is free.

Some reasons to collaborate with us

  • A wealth of experience of various types of financing of Swedish exports
  • Experts on the Swedish export credit system
  • Good knowledge and favorable relationships with other export credit agencies across the globe
  • A wealth of experience of export financing in developing countries
  • A high level of confidence from Swedish exporters
  • A seal of approval on export projects, a signal value
  • A financing partner or joint arranger
  • A risk sharing organ in certain cases: credit risk/documentation risk
  • Exemptions from withholding tax on interest in several countries
  • Staying power when access to the capital market is limited
  • Long-term lending to competitive prices
  • Transfers from the balance sheets of arranging banks