About us

About us

SEK has 240 people employed with a passion for the Swedish export industry. Our job is to finance exports.

SEK finance swedish export

With the help of SEK’s financing, international buyers can obtain loans to purchase Swedish goods and services, in both good and bad economic times.

SEK also lend directly to Swedish exporters so they can continue to grow their businesses. SEK is tasked by the Swedish government to offer Swedish exporters long-term financial solutions.

We are one of a number of organizations that work together to help Swedish companies win international tenders. SEK is an independent institution that is owned by the Swedish government and acts as a complement to banks.

We are focused solely on lending to the Swedish export sector. In 2018 we lent a total of Skr 57 billion.

A collaborative approach

Many of SEK’s staff have a background in exports or banking. We understand what’s needed to finance export sales. We also recognize that financing is often key to securing a sale.

Much of our success in lending is based on collaborating with other organizations. We partner with banks and other financial institutions in over one hundred countries.


SEK contributes to global sustainability goals through the management of sustainability risks and by offering financing to Swedish environmental expertise in the world.

Quick facts

SEK was founded in 1962. Over the years our financing solutions have assisted a wide range of Swedish exporters.

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The Swedish export credit system

Two Swedish government-backed organizations are working side-by-side to facilitate Swedish exports – EKN and SEK. Watch the film and download our guide (PDF).