About SEK

About SEK

The Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) is owned by the Swedish government. Our mission is to ensure access to financial solutions for the Swedish export industry on commercial and sustainable terms.

SEK finances large and medium-sized companies with sales of more than Skr 200 million. We also finances suppliers to export companies and foreign buyers of Swedish products and services.

The Swedish Export Credit Corporation acts as a complement to banks and capital markets and was founded in 1962. With lending in 70 countries, SEK has a strong international network and long-standing experience of international funding.  This is what makes us unique.

SEK has two offices; the head quarter is located in Stockholm and one office in Gothenburg. In total, 240 people work at SEK. SEK is owned by the Swedish government and is governed by the owner instruction and ownership policy.

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SEK’s mission

SEK’s mission is to ensure access to financial solutions for the Swedish export industry on commercial and sustainable terms. The mission also includes administration of the officially supported CIRR system. CIRRs (Commercial Interest Reference Rates) allow exporters’ customers to be offered financing at fixed interest rates.

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Sustainable financing

As lender, SEK has a responsibility for ensuring that the financed transaction comply with international sustainability guidelines. We want to set an example with regard to sustainability topics and to drive development in sustainable business forward. SEK does this mainly by setting requirements when lending. Know your customer and sustainability assessments are conducted for all transactions prior to granting credit.

In conjunction with its lending, SEK’s most material sustainability topics are anti-corruption, environmental and climate impact, labor conditions and human rights.

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SEK’s Vision

SEK is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish export industry to create employment and sustainable growth in Sweden.

Core Values

A sustainable workplace starts with healthy values. How employees of SEK behave and interact with one another and clients has an impact on the corporate culture. Our core values is based on the fact that we are professional, solution-oriented and that we collaborate.

Professionalism means we strive for simplicity, efficiency and quality in everything we do. It also entails taking responsibility for the big picture, offering our skills and showing great commitment to SEK’s objective of having satisfied clients and a profitable business.

Solution orientation entails that we strive to attain long-term holistic solutions and to resolve challenges efficiently. Moreover, that we act professionally and are proactive and endeavor to see opportunities.

Collaboration means we share information and ask colleagues to share their skills. It also means talking to colleagues, listening and talking frankly, helping colleagues to achieve their targets and taking responsibility for the results of the unit.

The Swedish export credit system

Two Swedish government-backed organizations are working side-by-side to facilitate Swedish exports – EKN and SEK. Watch the film and download our guide (PDF).