ScandiNova Systems AB

ScandiNova Systems AB

SEK has financed ScandiNova Systems AB. The company develops and manufactures pulse generators.

The generators are used in various high-power and high voltage applications in the following areas:

  • medical applications (radiation therapy, imaging, etc.)
  • industrial applications (industrial scanning, sterilization, etc.)
  • radar and research applications (accelerator system for research in particle physics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, etc.).

The financing covers the immediate need for working capital to fund the company’s continued expansion.

“At ScandiNova, we value long-term relationships and, during the year, we initiated an extremely successful partnership with SEK who, with its competence, smooth processes and competitive solution, helped ScandiNova develop its key global position with continued positive  progress. Accordingly, SEK has become both a close and a key business partner for our future expansion.”
– Elisabeth Ogéus, CFO, ScandiNova Systems AB


Know your customer and sustainability checks have been conducted, as is SEK’s standard practice in all transactions. The checks mean that the business transaction is analyzed to assess the risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism, the risk of corruption, negative environmental impact, human rights and labor conditions

Facts and business partners

Amount: Skr 20 million
Start: 2017
Maturity: Until 2019
Borrower: ScandiNova Systems AB
Guaranteed by: The European Investment Fund covered 50 percent