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Press release March 28, 2019

Hanna Lagercrantz new member of SEK’s Board of Directors

At the Annual General Meeting held on 28 Mars, one new member was elected to the Board of Directors, Hanna Lagercrantz.

Hanna Lagercrantz has a MSc in Economics and is Investment Director at Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. As of 31 of January, Ms Lagercrantz is Board Observer in SEK’s Board of Directors. In addition to being a member of SEK’s Board of Directors, Lagercrantz is appointed member of the SEK’s Remuneration Committee and to member of the SEK’s Audit Committee.

SEK Board of Directors

  • Lars Linder-Aronson (Chairman)
  • Cecilia Ardström
  • Anna Brandt
  • Reinhold Geijer
  • Hanna Lagercrantz
  • Hans Larsson
  • Eva Nilsagård
  • Ulla Nilsson