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Sweden – the world’s first fossil-free welfare country

The offering is aimed at energy sector companies facing substantial investments in areas including wind power, solar power, hydrogen, transmission infrastructure and smart systems. Sweden will be the first fossil-free welfare country, and electricity production is set to become 100 percent renewable by 2040.

Examples of areas that can be financed

  • Main grids and infrastructure
  • Wind, hydro- and solar power
  • Smart systems
  • Mining and mineral sectors
  • Cleaner petroleum products and biofuel

Sweden has all of the prerequisites in place to be a modern export nation, particularly when it comes to sustainable value chains and products. There are substantial driving forces to become an even smarter export nation and sustainable Swedish solutions can help reduce global climate emissions.

“Electricity production is set to become 100 percent renewable by 2040.”

Johan Henningsson, Sustainability EXPERT

SEK finances climate transition in Sweden and abroad. We have extensive international experience of major projects, which often require long-term financing together with insight to manage project risks.

Does your customer need financing?

If you are transitioning your operations abroad or wish to offer financing to your international customers, read more under Export credits.


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