Banking institutions

Banking institutions

There are several reasons why you as a bank should contact SEK. Read more below.

What SEK stands for

  • vast experience in the structuring of various types of financing solutions for Swedish exports and for financing of Swedish exporters
  • broad knowledge of banks specific ways of working with Swedish exports
  • good knowledge about the Swedish export credit system
  • high esteem with Swedish exporters
  • solution oriented credit process
  • neutral partner
  • puts a quality stamp on export projects – signal value
  • funding partner or co-arranger
  • risk sharing partner in certain projects – credit- and documentation risk
  • exempt from withholding tax on interest in a range of countries
  • good knowledge about various export credit agencies (ECA’s)
  • endurance when access to the capital market is limited
  • long term lending at competitive pricing
  • off-balance for arranging bank
  • cost free option to benefit from CIRR rate financing

Contact SEK

Call the export finance team at +46 8 613 83 00.

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