Contract guarantees

Contract guarantees

Export sales often include guarantees, such as advance payment bonds or performance bonds. We help you by providing these types of guarantee if your overseas buyer requires its counterparty to have very strong creditworthiness.

And if your buyer requires the provider of the guarantee to have excellent creditworthiness, that’s no problem at all. We have a credit rating of ‘AA+/Stable’ and ‘Aa1/Stable’ from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, respectively, which are the second-highest ratings available from these credit rating agencies.

We prefer to issue guarantees linked to contracts and projects in which we are involved in providing finance. Our knowledge and role puts us in a good position to tailor the structure and wording of the guarantee.

Some exporter guarantee portfolios are so extensive that a particular bank may have difficulty in taking on the exposure. We are keen to share this type of risk with a bank so that exporters can conduct successful export sales.


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