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Offers sustainable finance

The demand of sustainable finance accelerate rapidly given the substantial need to transition, both in Sweden and around the world.

There are three loans connected to sustainability: green, social and sustainability-linked.

Green loans

Regardless of the type of financing solution your company requires, a loan can be structured as green provided that the aim of the financing meets SEK’s green criteria that is based on the loan being in line with the EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities. Financing can be offered to exporters, subcontractors and projects that contribute to reduced climate and environmental impact or more effective use of resources.

Social loans

Social loans are connected to challenges in, for example, healthcare and medical care, education, basic infrastructure or food safety. When a loan is classed as social, it can provide the borrower with advantageous terms.

Sustainability-linked loans

Sustainability-linked loans concern working capital connected to the borrower’s sustainability targets, for example, energy-efficiency enhancements, reduced transportation or reduced number of accidents. Unlike Green loans and Social loans in which the amount is earmarked for a specific project, this type of loan is connected to the entire company’s sustainability targets.