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Factoring services

With factoring services, you can sell your invoices to us, receive payment directly and improve your key performance indicators when accounts receivable are exchanged for cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet.

We assume responsibility for the entire credit risk regardless of whether it is a Swedish or a foreign buyer.

Factoring services is an effective solution for companies who want to grow but need to increase liquidity. This is also applicable to those of you who sell large volumes to major stable end customers and wish to improve your key performance indicators.

SEK can free up credit space, allowing exporters to offer their customers longer credit periods and increase sales, while avoiding any negative impact on the company’s liquidity and balance sheet. Some exporters have such a large share of their sales to one buyer that they cannot discount all the accounts receivable at their bank. In this situation, SEK can assist the exporters and the bank by sharing the bank’s credit risk for the individual buyer.

How does this work?

  • The amount of the invoice minus the fee is paid within two bank days
  • Your customer pays us in accordance with the previously agreed payment terms
  • We take care of any possible reminder invoices or demands for payment
  • Get in touch to get started

Facts and conditions

  • The company must have sales of at least SEK 20 million per year to a single buyer
  • The company must wish to offer a 90- to 360-day credit period
  • The company must sell in USD, SEK and EUR