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Loans in local currencies

Swedish companies with subcontractors abroad can borrow funds in local currencies with the purpose of reducing the company’s currency risk. SEK offers financing in more currencies than most of its fellow market participants.

By borrowing in the local currency, the currency risk is reduced due to cash flows from revenues and financial costs being matched. Reducing the uncertainty and volatility of future interest payments and amortizations greatly improves the predictability of your company’s results. In addition, you diversify your sources of financing through loans from SEK.

We have a long experience of loans in local currencies and are using a straight forward and standardized process. On an annual basis, SEK provides the equivalent of Skr 3-5 billion in local currency loans.


  • Australian dollars
  • Brazilian real
  • British pound sterling
  • Canadian dollars
  • Chilean Unidad de Fomentos & Chilean pesos
  • Chinese yuan renminbi
  • Colombian pesos
  • Danish kronor
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong dollars
  • Hungarian forint
  • Indian rupee
  • Japanese yen
  • Mexican pesos
  • New Zealand dollars
  • Norwegian kronor
  • Peruvian sol
  • Polish zloty
  • Saudi Arabian riyal
  • South African rand
  • South Korean won
  • Swedish kronor
  • Swiss franc
  • Thailand baht
  • United Arab Emirates dirham
  • US dollar
  • Turkish lira