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SEK’s whistle-blower system

If you suspect conduct that could involve or lead to a breach of the law, infringement or a suspected breach of SEK’s Code of Conduct, you can report it here. Our SpeakUp tool is managed by a third party and all reports are treated confidentially. If you like, you can also file the report anonymously.

What happens after you have filed your report?

The SpeakUp system alerts SEK’s Head of Compliance that a new case has come in.

The Head of Compliance makes an assessment if it is suitable to manage the case in the system. If this is deemed not to be the case, you will receive a message informing you of how to take further action.

If the report concerns a suspected breach of the law, infringement or a suspected breach of the company’s Code of Conduct, the case will be further investigated. Depending on the nature of the case, the investigation may sometimes be carried out together with managers in areas such as HR, sustainability, law or security. SEK’s CEO is also informed of new cases that come in. We always strive to provide feedback to the complainant, however, in certain cases this is not possible.

All of SEK’s employees can find the code for employees who wish to file a report on the intranet.