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Green bonds

The market for green bonds provides SEK with a tool with which to earmark capital for a climate-smart transition of the economy. Green bonds are in demand from investors who wish to invest in projects that combat climate change or are eco-friendly in another way.

Green loans and bonds

SEK issues green loans that promote the transition to a climate-smart economy. Green loans are financed via SEK’s green bonds and classified in accordance with SEK’s framework for green bonds. Among other factors, the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is estimated for green loans.

The framework for SEK’s green bonds follows the International Capital Market Association’s (ICMA) Green Bond Principles.

Positive CO2 effects are measured on a project basis and recognized in proportion to the share financed by SEK. The calculations adhere to the methods stated in “The International Financial Institution Framework for a Harmonised Approach to Greenhouse Gas Accounting, November 2015.”.

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