Openness is an essential part of sustainable business. SEK’s aim is to be as transparent as possible while also taking account of confidentiality and trust in business relationships.

Lending by country

SEK lends money to exporters and their customers in many countries around the world.

See our lending worldwide.

Social and environmental review of projects

Projects with potentially significant negative and irreversible social and/or environmental impacts are known as A Projects. These include new pulp mills and hydroelectric power stations. B Projects have more limited potential impacts.

Ethiopian Railways Corp. (ERC), railway project in Ethiopia

Makambako – Songea 132 kV Transmission Line, Tanzania (pending) 

Sustainability reporting

We report our sustainability work in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which is part of our annual report. As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we also compile an annual Communication on Progress.

You can find our report to UN Global Compact on page 138-139 in our annual report.

Talk to us about sustainability

For questions about our work on sustainability issues, please contact Johan Henningsson, Head Sustainability.

As a stakeholder you are welcome to give your views and report any incidents relating to projects funded by SEK. You can contact our sustainability analysts Catherine Beijer and Helena Engner Aili on +46-8-613 83 00.

Contact us

If you have  any questions regarding SEK’s sustainability work, please contact Johan Henningsson, Head of Sustainability, SEK.

SEK SpeakUp-system

If you suspect behavior that may involve or result in a breach of law, unethical behavior or violation or suspected violation of our code of conduct, you should inform SEK by contacting our Compliance department directly. However, if you wish to make a report anonymously, you can instead use our whistleblower system by writing to:

Head of Compliance

Swedish Export Credit Corporation

Box 194

101 23 Stockholm