Team Sweden

Team Sweden

You and your company are about to take a big step. Perhaps you will get into a new market? Or you have signed the biggest order in the company's history? Or you have a product that you think the whole world is asking for? You want to take the step, but the questions are many and you face a lot of challenges. Do we dare? Can we? And how do we do it?

SEK, a part of Team Sweden

SEK is one of many organisations that can help you on this trip. But there are several other actors. The Swedish government’s Export Strategy from 2015 created a common umbrella for all state work to support exports and internationalization of Swedish business: Team Sweden

Among the participants in Team Sweden are, in addition to SEK, The Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN), which offers guarantees to companies and banks against the risk of non-payment, Business Sweden, which advises, Almi, which primarily helps small companies with loans and advisory services, and Swedfund, the Swedish government’s development finance fund. In many transactions we cooperate. For example, EKN guarantees the financing provided by SEK to the customers of the exporting company.

In several locations in Sweden, we also collaborate in regional export centers to facilitate access to our support and create “one door in”. Below you can read more about our different roles and what we do. Perhaps you need help from just one of us or maybe we can all help to meet your different needs. Whatever your needs, we are waiting for your call regarding your next internationalisation step.

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The Swedish export credit system

Two Swedish government-backed organizations are working side-by-side to facilitate Swedish exports – EKN and SEK. Watch the film and download our guide (PDF).



In order to succeed with an enterprise, it often takes more than a strong will and a good business idea. Capital is also needed, and in many cases also businessadvises in order to develop the company.

Almi offers loans and advice to companies that want to expand and develop. It covers both businessideas with growth potential in early stages as existing companies in an expansion phase.

Almi also invests venture capital in early-stage companies with high growth potential and scalable business concepts. No matter what venture the company is facing, such as an international launch, developing a new product or service, investing in a new market, buying or starting company, Almi should be contacted. Almi is owned by the state together with regional owners and is close to companies with 50 offices throughout the country.

Business Sweden

Business Sweden helps Swedish companies reach their full international potential and foreign companies to invest and expand in Sweden. This is done through strategic advice and practical support, both in Sweden and in more than 50 of the world’s most interesting markets.

Business Sweden is owned by the state and industry, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Swedish Foreign Trade Association. Shared ownership provides access to contacts and networks at all levels.

Business Sweden is actively working to open up global markets for customers, whether it means understanding a country’s bureaucracy or using diplomatic networks. Sometimes businesses need some extra help along the way, sometimes they face strategic choices and need senior counseling.

Business Sweden also has a government mission to attract foreign investment to Sweden. This is done by identifying and creating business opportunities for industries, companies, and innovations in the Swedish market. As part of Team Sweden, Business Sweden has developed close cooperation with other promoters and authorities that can help Swedish export companies in various ways.


The Swedish Export Credit Agency, EKN, insures companies and banks against the risk of non-payment in export transactions. EKN is an authority and the mission is to promote Swedish exports and the internationalization of Swedish companies.

Swedish companies have what the world demands. Each market should be available for Swedish exports. No deal is too small or too big to insure. EKN annually covers the payment risk in 1,600 export transactions to 130 countries.

Half of the number of transactions is carried out by small or medium-sized companies. The companies strengthen their competitiveness by offering their customer credit. This is especially the case for exports to emerging markets. EKN guarantees make it easier for both buyers and exporters.


Swedfund is the Swedish state development finance institution with mission to reduce poverty through sustainable business.

In collaboration with strategic partners, Swedfund shall participate in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable investments that create better conditions for people living in poverty and under repression.

Swedfund’s investment strategy rests on three main pillars: Impact on society, Sustainability and Financial viability. Since 1979, Swedfund has been engaged as an active, responsible and long-term investor in more than 270 companies worldwide.