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News March 16, 2022

New members of SEK’s Board of Directors

The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation has nominated three new members of Swedish Export Credit Corporation’s Board of Directors: Håkan Berg, Katarina Ljungqvist and Paula da Silva. A decision will be made about their election to the board at the company’s Annual General Meeting on March 24.

The Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) is a state-owned company with the mission of financing Swedish exporters, their suppliers and their foreign customers.

The nomination procedure for the election of a Board member follows the State Ownership Policy, whereby the Government Offices of Sweden nominates members. The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, which is a part of the Government Offices of Sweden, has proposed Håkan Berg, Katarina Ljungqvist and Paula da Silva as members of SEK’s Board of Directors.

Håkan Berg holds a Master of Laws from Uppsala University. He has extensive experience in change management and governance from several senior positions at Swedbank. He currently has several board assignments.

Katarina Ljungqvist holds degrees in economics and law from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Thanks to several positions within Handelsbanken, she has broad banking experience and specialized expertise in digitalization and business development.

Paula da Silva holds a degree in economics from Stockholm School of Economics. She has a long track record at SEB and is currently CEO of P27 Nordic Payments.

SEK’s general meeting of shareholders will resolve on the election of new members on March 24, 2022.

Board member Hans Larsson has announced that after the general meeting of shareholders he will be stepping down from SEK’s Board of Directors after five years of outstanding service.

Election of Board

For the period until the end of the Annual General Meeting, the following elections to the Board are proposed:

Håkan Berg, new election
Anna Brandt, re-election
Paula da Silva, new election
Reinhold Geijer, re-election
Lennart Jacobsen, re-election
Hanna Lagercrantz, re-election
Katarina Ljungqvist, new election
Eva Nilsagård, re-election

Other information

Information on SEK’s Board of Directors is available at The Board of Directors | Swedish Export Credit Corporation (