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Board of Directors

SEK’s Board adopts the operating targets and strategies for the operations. The Board consists of eight members who are appointed at the general meeting of shareholders. Board members are appointed in accordance with the nomination procedure that adheres to the state’s ownership policy.

Lars Linder-Aronson Chairman of the Board, SEK

Lars Linder-Aronson

Chairman of the Board

Anna Brandt Board member, SEK

Anna Brandt

Board member

Reinhold Geijer Board member, SEK

Reinhold Geijer

Board member

Lennart Jacobsen Board member, SEK

Lennart Jacobsen

Board member

Hanna Lagercrantz Board member, SEK

Hanna Lagercrantz

Board member

Hans Larsson Board member, SEK

Hans Larsson

Board member

Eva Nilsagård Board member, SEK

Eva Nilsagård

Board member