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Green financing

Sweden is one of the world’s most climate-smart countries. As the Swedish export industry offers climate-friendly solutions for customers across the globe, Swedish environmental expertise is contributing to global sustainable development.

Green loans

SEK issues green loans to companies and projects that promote the transition to a low-carbon economy, and that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Green loans aim to reduce environmental impact and enable more efficient use of resources.

Green loans are classified under SEK’s framework for green bonds and financed using SEK’s green bonds.

Financing for the transition to fossil-free energy

The transition to a fossil-frugal society is a global challenge. Many companies in Sweden are actively working to realign their operations to reduce emissions from fossil fuels. SEK aims to be a positive force for this drive through financing industry’s investments in climate-smart energy solutions and sustainable transport, including public transport and sustainable maritime transportation, to assist in Sweden’s environmental transition.

Green bonds

With green and social bonds money is invested in projects that combat climate change or are eco-friendly in another way. SEK also issues green bonds t finance Swedish environmental expertise across the globe.


  1. Sustainability Bond Framework

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  2. Policy anti-korruption

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