Policies and guidelines

Policies and guidelines

Our policies and guidelines set the requirements and expectations that we have of our counterparties and ourselves.


SEK is against all forms of corrupt behavior. We support and comply with international initiatives that combat corruption and other financial crimes. SEK is a member of Transparency International Business Group.

View SEK:s Anti-corruption Policy

Business ethics

Business must be conducted ethically and transparently. Our code of conduct provides us with ethical guidance. We are proactive in combatting corruption and other financial crime.

View SEK:s Business Ethics Policy

Code of Conduct for suppliers

SEK applies the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which includes standards governing anti-corruption, human rights, labor and environment. Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers outlines our expectations for all our suppliers, also including any approved subcontractors used by the supplier.

Read SEK:s Code of Conduct for suppliers here

Diversity and equality

SEK aims to be an attractive employer, where equality and diversity are natural elements in the workplace.

View SEK:s Policy on Diversity and Equality


SEK works to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations and the business we finance.

View SEK:s Environmental Policy

Human rights and labour conditions

SEK supports the UN’s framework on businesses and human rights and imposes requirements on exporters to respect human rights.

View SEK:s Policy on Human Rights and Labour Conditions

Money laundering and the funding of terrorism

SEK has an obligation to close channels used by money launderers and to protect the company from being used for money laundering and the funding of terrorism.

Sustainable financing

SEK evaluates business ethics, social and environmental aspects associated with our financing. We follow the terms in the OECD Common Approaches and the Equator Principles when funding major projects.

View SEK:s Policy on Sustainable Financing

OECD Common Approaches

Equator Principles

Equator Principles Progress Report 2019