SEK:s offer

SEK:s offer

By offering various forms of financial solutions, SEK helps the Swedish export industry secure more export transactions.

SEK finances exporters

SEK finances Swedish exporters and buyers of Swedish products and services. SEK complements the client companies’ existing borrowing sources and serves as an alternative for Swedish exporters that require access to multiple alternative sources of financing. SEK is a long-term partner with considerable experience of international financing and can offer long credit periods.

Collaboration boosts exports

As a result of collaboration with SEK, client companies gain access to a large international contact network of banks. Collaboration with the EKN creates a highly competitive export credit system that offers financing and guarantees to the Swedish export industry.
Since SEK also collaborates other export-promoting agencies, including Almi and Business Sweden within the framework of the government’s export strategy and Team Sweden, SEK’s clients have access to the entire Swedish export-promoting system.

State-supported export credits system provides more

As an alternative to a floating or fixed market interest rate, SEK can offer its clients a fixed commercial interest reference rate(CIRR), when this is required to boost competitiveness and secure export transactions.

A guide to the Swedish export credit system

Jane Lundgren Ericsson

Jane Lundgren Ericsson
Head of Lending

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Skr that we lend contributes to strenghtening the swedish export industry competitivness

55 bn

SEK lends around Skr 55 billion each year.