Large corporates and exporters

Large corporates and exporters

100 percent of our total lending helps overseas buyers with financing. For an export project to qualify for financing from SEK there must be an element of Swedish interest.

All of the loans that we provide to overseas buyers have one thing in common: the proceeds from these loans are used to buy Swedish goods and services.

Export sales can be financed in a number of different ways. SEK makes use of several financing tools available in the market to tailor each loan to the needs of exporters and overseas buyers.

Export sales, less than Skr 50 million

Export contracts between Skr 5 million and Skr 50 million are often handled using financing tools provided by commercial banks such as letters of credit.

If these are not available through your regular bank, SEK can provide an alternative through our cooperation with a partner corporation that specializes in small ticket export finance.

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Enhance your business by attaching export financing to the export sales

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