Medium-sized companies and exporters

Medium-sized companies and exporters

Our Medium-Sized Companies business area focuses primarily on businesses with sales of between SEK 500 million and SEK 5 billion. Given the right conditions, we can also consider smaller companies and smaller transactions.

About SEK’s midcorp departement

To borrow from SEK, a company’s operations must be linked to Swedish interests and exports. The export industry link can be direct or indirect in the form of subcontracts and the exports may comprise goods or services.

SEK offers various types of financing solutions tailored to actual needs and is able to finance Swedish exporters as well as their customers abroad.

To a lesser extent, we also offer various forms of factoring services. While borrowers may have Swedish or foreign owners, they must be creditworthy. When financing Swedish exporters, it may also be possible for SEK to finance a foreign holding company if the loan is used in the Swedish operations. Our loans can be made with short or long tenors and in different currencies — read more about our products under the respective headings above.

A guide to the Swedish export credit system

Working across all of Sweden

SEK is represented by its head office in central Stockholm and an office in Gothenburg. Naturally, we work with exporters across all of Sweden and our account managers keep themselves updated on events in our regions.

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Andreas Ericson

Andreas Ericson
Head of Mid Corporates

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