Vindin: Wind Power in Sweden
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Vindin: Wind Power in Sweden

SEK finances wind turbines in Solberg and Skutskär, Sweden, for Vindin AB, a company jointly owned by ten of the largest industrial groups in Sweden.

The total installed capacity of the 35 wind turbines is 79MW.  Wind power does not add to the greenhouse effect. It requires no pipelines, ships or trucks to transport the energy to where it will be used. Nor does it leave residues, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitric oxide.

In addition to this, the earth is unscathed from mining of coal, uranium and oil. To invest in renewable energy is a step towards less nuclear power dependence.

Project data

Eligible project classification: Renewable Energy

CO2 Impacts: No substantial reduction of CO2 compared to baseline.

Applied Standards: IFC Performance standards

Transaction data

SEK Lending: MSEK 425
Start: 2013
Maturity: 2018
Buyer: Vindin AB
Contractor: Siemens